Hlamara Holdings is a South African Group of Companies Established in March 2012 for Purposes of Exploring, Initiating, Developing and Investing in Large Infrastructure Projects in Africa to assist the Continent achieve its 2063 Vision and create value for shareholders.


The Group has confidence in the Potential that Afri-ca has to offer in the 21st Century. The Group is Currently Developing three Projects in the Silicon and Solar PV Value Chain. The Projects are in Both the Downstream and Upstream Sector of the Value Chain and the Strategy Adopted is a Backward Up-stream Integration.

The projects are driven by Africa's desire to eradi-cate energy poverty and provide access to clean energy for all.


The Company Provides Comprehensive Energy Solutions for the Residential, Commercial, Indus-trial and Utility-Scale Markets of South Africa De-ploying Solar PV Technology. The Project will implement Innovative Projects that will Strengthen the Groups Image in the Industry for Growth into the Sub-Saharan Africa, North Africa and Middle-East Markets.






The Company is Developing Two Solar Panel Fac-tories in the Proposed Upington Solar SEZ and Tshwane East Capital in South Africa for produc-tion of Mono & Polycrystalline Solar PV Modules,. The Tshwane East Capital Factory to start Produc-tion in 2017 and Upington Solar SEZ Factory in 2018. In 2020/21, the Project will Backward Integrate Upstream to Produce Polysilicon, Wafers and Solar Cells; it will Expand its Module Production Capacity in the Long-Term into East and West Africa.


The Company is exploring silica assets for acquisi-tions and development of a Silicon Industrial Com-plex which will produce metallurgical silicon, ferro-silicon, silicones and solar glass. A silicon smelting project is being developed in the North West Province of South Africa, at a location proposed to be the Silicon Industrial Complex.







An organization that is committed tocreative collaboration will ride the wave of the future.

They will go beyond the realm of assumptive thinking and welcome the dawn of innovation. Because there is nothing more empowering than an idea whose time has come.

A new major is emerging in Africa.

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